Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mahar Coalition Responds to revised USCJ plan

We applaud the USCJ strategic planning commission for taking the first step of hearing our voices and recognizing the importance of a presence on college campuses. We look forward to working with USCJ and other institutions of the movement to craft the best possible presence of Conservative Judaism on college campuses. USCJ has the unique opportunity to fill niches in the crowded landscape of Judaism on college campuses by focusing on serving students on small or remote campuses through national programming and by focusing on promoting the unique aspects of Conservative Judaism on more developed campuses. We are, however, more than just a bridge between the two other worthwhile audiences of high school students and young adults; funding and supporting college students is a worthwhile activity in its own right.
Other parts of the plan focus on how USCJ can better serve its member congregations. We have maintained from the beginning the desire to explore  how USCJ-funded college students can add value back into the system in the short term in addition to the future. College students are also kehillot that deserve support which is both a short- and long-term investment , and we look forward to working with USCJ and other movement institutions to craft that investment intelligently. 

Mahar recognizes and appreciates the changes that have been made to the USCJ's strategic plan, and we are committed to making sure these plans are seen to fruition. 

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